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Development Planning
Reserve talents, build excellent team, and provide various developing and promoting paths for all staff.
Career Paths
1.Technology type: technician, assistant engineer, engineer, deputy senior engineer, senior engineer.
2.Sales & Marketing: brand manager, business supervisor, area manager, regional manager.
3.Management: specialist, supervisor, section manager, department director, general manager of …
4.Workman: primary, middle class, senior; mechanic, senior mechanic, chief mechanic. 
Training System
ENSIGN attaches great importance on staff’s training and invests a lot for improving the comprehensive quality and professional skills. There are various training classes, covering the contents of basic vocational skills, middle & senior technical skills, and senior operating management. The types of training include company inner training, networking academy, lessons given by famous trainers, quality expanding course, labor skills upgrading training, and skills competition, etc.