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1.Distribute filial piety money to fulfill employees' filial piety.
2.Organize filial piety cultural activities to guide employees to fulfill their filial piety.
3.Organize employees' parents to enter the factory and strengthen communication between employees and parents.
4.Organize holiday visits to show condolences to the families of business personnel.
5.Condolences to retired employees.

Filial piety comes first, and filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Ensign firmly believes that only when a person is filial to his parents can he be responsible to his family, to the enterprise, to the society, and to the country. Ensign has made "filial piety" culture a unique corporate culture through a series of cultural propaganda and practical guidance.

Overcome the difficulties and protest together (donation to Wuhan, distribution of alcohol)

Civilized driving safety series activities (artistic propaganda evening, assisting traffic police to issue propaganda

brochures, entering school classrooms)

Promote filial piety culture and carry forward traditional


Fulfill the corporate mission and assume social responsibility

Ensign's development is becoming more collectivized, industrialized, and large-scale. As a national enterprise, it has never forgotten to give back to the society. Ensign Heavy Industries continues to actively fulfill its responsibilities and responsibilities in fighting the epidemic, advocating social civilization, and caring for disadvantaged groups with a high sense of social mission.


Voluntary snow removal, love donation

Caring for maintenance technicians to promote industry development


In 2020, Ensign Heavy Industry launched the "Excellent Technician" activity focusing on caring for maintenance technicians and cultivating industry talents. Through the event, we recruit maintenance technicians from the society to participate in the competition, provide professional training, configure standardized clothing and maintenance tools, improve their professional skills, enhance their social image, provide more development platforms and space for innovation, and also provide opportunities for the construction machinery industry The standardization of maintenance personnel and the improvement of the overall level have contributed to the healthy development of the industry.