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By espousing the corporate outlook “Committed to cultivating the most trustworthy brand in the loader manufacturing field”,

Ensign Heavy Industries, by adopting successful R & D and operation model from the construction machinery industry, has

established a stable and sound technological innovation system, cultivated a scientific technological R & D philosophy, and set up

a domestic high-end R & D team, which makes sure the company is able to produce quality products in the industry.
Successful Operation Model
Ensign Heavy Industries was founded in 2011 when the construction machinery industry stepped into a sluggish growth period. In

such condition, Ensign Heavy Industries made a deep research on all product models in home market, trying to know the entire

industry’s technical state, product quality, and market demands, which laid a solid foundation for its subsequent fast-rate growth.
As for technological R & D, Ensign Heavy Industries adopts the “Project Management” model, in which it integrates product R &

D with quality upgrade, and joins hands with domestic higher education institutions and research institutes for “Industry-

University-Research” cooperation to ensure its advanced loader technology. In addition, it optimizes the R&D organizational

structure to ensure the constant application of new technologies, new processes and new materials into loaders.


Scientific R & D Philosophy
After experiencing half century of development, China loader

industry has accumulated sufficient experience. In view of its

own situation, Ensign Heavy Industries has formulated a

“Learning, Accumulating, Surpassing” R & D philosophy. 
Following the guidance of such R & D philosophy, Ensign

Heavy Industries has established a complete set of R & D

process, through which it keeps abreast of the industry trend,

shares excellent supporting resources in the industry, sets up

regular communication system, learns about the application of

its products and technologies, and singles out outstanding

products and technologies. 
Ensign Heavy Industries has established professional test team

and CAE analysis team. By collecting various test data on


adverse working conditions, Ensign Heavy Industries capitalizes on the computer-based stress analysis to achieve the objective of

referring to the benchmark, refining the improvement, and surpassing the target.

Stable and Sound Innovation System
Clinging to the guideline “Simultaneous Development of Software and Hardware; Synchronous Construction of Mechanism and

System”, Ensign Heavy Industries has set up a stable technological innovation system. 
To develop new products, Ensign Heavy Industries keeps focusing on the market trend and seeking development projects from the

market. While developing product models tailored to users, Ensign Heavy Industries makes changes in basic models to provide

users with more options. Thanks to its adherence to “Generalization of Parts” principle, Ensign Heavy Industries has diversified its

products, generalized its parts, and facilitated its components supply.
The entire product development process is rigorous and meticulous. By establishing ISO9001 Quality System, Ensign Heavy

Industries strictly standardizes the control on key elements of product development to ensure its products’ performance and