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"Civilized driving safety" large-scale public welfare party held

"Civilized driving safety" large-scale public welfare party held

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"Civilized driving safety" large-scale public welfare party held

“Civilized Drive, Safe Journey” relates to every one’s life & property safety and happiness, and exemplifies a city’s development quality and overall appearance. Since April 3, 2013, ENSIGN Group worked with Traffic Police Brigade of Changle Public Security Bureau, Weifang Dongrui Group, and Changle Media Group to launch the “Civilized Drive, Safe Journey” series public welfare events countywide in diverse forms like special lecture, distribution of leaflets and car stickers, and school classrooms to call on all citizens to build a safe and orderly traffic environment. 

staffs of ENSIGN Group are distributing materials like Manuals on Safe Drive Attentions and promotional leaflets at the intersection to promote traffic safety knowledge. 

·F“Civilized Drive, Safe Journey Event Comes into Classrooms of Changle County Yucai Bilingual School” 

·F“Civilized Drive, Safe Journey” large-scale public welfare evening, sponsored by ENSIGN Group and organized by Changle Traffic Police Brigade, Weifang Dongrui Group, Changle Media Group, and Changle Public Security Bureau, is ceremoniously held at Changle Citizen Culture & Sports Park.