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 Innovation-driven Following the Past, Ensign Heavy Industry Splendidly Appears in 2023 Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Zhumadian

 Innovation-driven Following the Past, Ensign Heavy Industry Splendidly Appears in 2023 Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Zhumadian

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   Innovation-driven Following the Past, Ensign Heavy Industry Splendidly Appears in 2023 Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Zhumadian

           Innovation-driven Following the Past, Ensign Heavy Industry Splendidly Appears in 2023 Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Zhumadian

On March 18, 2023 National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition with the theme of "focus on users and market, concern about technology and future" was held in Zhumadian International Convention and Exhibition Center. Ensign Heavy Industries brought a number of star tractors and new corn machines to the exhibition. At the exhibition site, a splash of Ensign orange stood out from many brands and became the spot of the whole field, which not only received wide attention from professional mechanics, agricultural machinery professional cooperatives and other users, but also captured the hearts of a number of intended dealers!
Innovation-driven Ensign creates high-end intelligent products
Under the strategic guidance of "Made in China 2025", China's agricultural equipment is developing continuously, and the demand of users for agricultural equipment is also changing profoundly, from the initial requirement of durable and powerful to low emission and low fuel consumption to high reliability and comfort nowadays. In order to win the right to speak on the stage of high-end products, Ensign Agricultural Equipment firmly grasps the needs of users and actively promotes intelligent manufacturing and lean production. The five products launched at the exhibition cover medium and large horsepower tractors and corn machines respectively. Among them, YH2204, YH2004, YD1500, YC1004 four tractor products are the company's 2023 strong main tractor products, and this exhibition as Ensign wheeled corn machine debut, once unveiled, it attracted a lot of attention.
YC1004 equipped with national four DOC + DPF + EGR after-treatment technology of all diesel upgraded high-pressure common rail engine, precise control of fuel injection, low fuel consumption, more powerful. At the same time, the optional 360 panoramic image and LCD screen can monitor the working status of the whole vehicle at any time, which makes the operation more comfortable and less worrying.
YD1500 as a new series of products in Ensign family, with the handsome appearance of the craftsmanship, wisdom of the technology interior, advanced control, peace of mind, the four core advantages of the driving environment, the achievement of the YD1500 series of excellent cost performance, but also to help it become a large plot of land cultivation and mechanized operation of the typical representative.
Among the tractor portfolio unveiled at the exhibition, the most popular ones are YH2204 and YH2004, which have been well received for their powerful power system, reliable quality and excellent performance since their launch. The stability is improved by 20%, and the excellent safety performance and multi-mode switching are widely applied to precise operations in agricultural production such as plowing and field management, making the driving experience more enjoyable for users.
As the most eye-catching star model in the booth, the wheeled corn machine adopts the cutting board type picking method, which results in less loss; optimizes the tilting angle design and lengthens the grain splitter, which is not afraid of falling over and truly achieves the return of grain to the barn. It is equipped with National IV 240 hp engine, optimized chassis structure, 3.10-inch large screen display, real-time monitoring of machine operation status, reverse image, peeler and cob box, which can realize more intelligent and efficient loss reduction harvesting and bring more efficient harvesting experience.
With the high quality products, Ensign Heavy Industry will always keep the upward trend and positive and steady development pace in the future market to achieve high quality and sustainable development!
Ensign wins trust with its strength breakthrough
With many years of precipitation, Ensign Heavy Industry has made continuous innovation and advancement in the fields of manufacturing, R&D, brand and market. Facing the new era of "National IV" of agricultural machinery, Ensign actively responds to the national call of low-carbon emission reduction, and the whole series of agricultural machinery products have realized the optimization and upgrading of engine power, fuel consumption and transmission of the whole machine, all of which have the significant advantages of strong power, high reliability, green environment protection and comfortable driving. The strong technical background and product research and development capability of Ensign Heavy Industries, as well as the strong core competitiveness of the company, have also helped Ensign make its own way in the Chinese agricultural machinery market and win the consensus of the market and customers, which has also become the reason why many dealers keep choosing Ensign.
At the exhibition site, Ensign booth ushered in waves of intentional dealers stopping to investigate, and the booth was popular. Ensign received more than one hundred intentional dealers on the spot of the exhibition, signed agents on the spot, and reached cooperation intentions with many companies, which pushed the atmosphere to the climax. The prototypes were snapped up and will be sent to the market directly! Ensign always insists on the development concept of "industrial innovation + customer value maximization", adheres to the core values of "openness, integrity, innovation and win-win", makes every effort to create a win-win ecology of customer value, continuously polishes the brand, and strives to become a reliable and trustworthy partner for customers. We strive to become a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers.
As the backbone of the future development of agricultural equipment, Ensign Heavy Industries has always been adhering to the corporate vision of "committed to building the most trusted brand in the industry" and keep moving forward. In the future, Ensign Heavy Industries will continue to promote the transformation and upgrade to intelligent, digital and green, comprehensively improve the product quality and service guarantee ability, bring more high-quality products and services for the majority of users and promote the revitalization of China's countryside with strength.