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Construction machinery 解决方案

Construction machinery 解决方案

Construction machinery
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“A wheel loader is highly manoeuvrable and can move quickly around a site. When digging and loading, it tends to make frequent backing manoeuvres, usually with limited visibility behind it. With an empty bucket, the front-end loader is tail heavy, and tends to bob and weave at faster ground speeds. All of these factors can put workers and other machines in peril if they venture into its path. Here are some more tips to make sure you’re operating your wheel loader safely: Conduct a pre-use walk-around inspection of your machine at the start of your day, including all major components: tyres, brakes, hydraulic systems, steering, lights and backup alarm. Look for anything out of the ordinary and report it to your company’s maintenance manager At the end of your walk-around, do a final visual visual check of the area immediately surrounding the loader to make sure there are no obstructions or people nearby Move cautiously, especially on rough roads and in congested areas. When backing, use your mirrors to check what’s behind you. Never disable your loader’s backup alarm. It could save someone’s life! Whenever you’re working near an embankment, grade or trench, make sure the edge is guarded by rip rap, barricades or a berm. All three are designed to keep you and your machine from plunging over the edge When travelling with a loaded bucket, keep it 300 to 900 mm above the ground for maximum stability, balance and visibility