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Themachineissimpleandreliable.Simpleandcomfortabletooperate,andeasyto maintain,itcanbeequippedwithavarietyofsupportingfacilitiestomeetmostworkingconditions.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Load center
Lift height
Transport Package
Nude Packaging
Shandong Province, China
HS Code
Production Capacity
20000 Units/Year

Product Description

Ensign Four-Wheel Counterbalanced Internal Combustion Forklift/K Series

Basic Technical Parameters
Model   CPC(D)38-G38
Power Type   diesel
Lift Capacity (kg) 3800
Load Center Distance (mm) 500
Battery (Voltage/Capacity) (V/Ah) 12/80

Performance Parameters
Max. Lift Height (mm) 3000
Free Lift Height (mm) 130
Mast Tilt Angle (front/rear) (°) 6/12
Max. Lift Speed (full load/no load) (mm/s) 420/440
Max. Lowering Speed (full load/no load) (mm/s) 330/310
Max. Travelling Speed (full load/no load) (km/h) 18.5/19
Min. Turning Radius (mm) 2730
Gradeability (full load/no load) (%) 15/20
Max. Traction Force kN 23
Overall weight (kg) 4850

Product Superiority

1. Adopt integral sheet metal structure machine cover, beautiful appearance, internal frame rib structure, high strength, reliable quality
2. Adopt full hydraulic steering system, steering torque is small, easy to operate
3. Adopt the new technology of wiring harness and waterproof connector, multi-way fuse arrangement, improve the safety and stability of the circuit system
4. Steering wheel, seat, instrument stand accord with ergonomic design, driver more comfortable operation
5. The use of large flow air filter, perfect combination with guosan engine, the vehicle high efficiency, strong power, low noise
6. Large capacity water tank is adopted to optimize the heat dissipation system, and the heat dissipation performance of the whole vehicle is greatly improved
7. Intuitive and simple instrument, easy to observe water temperature, oil, use time and other data
8. The machine has small vibration and low noise, which improves the operating comfort of the driver
9. Reasonable oil layout and pipeline design reduce oil pressure loss and prevent oil temperature from being too high
10. The opening Angle of engine cover can reach 80°, which is more convenient for maintenance

After-sales servic

After-sales service/warranty period: 18 months after bill of lading, 12 months after sale, 2000 working hours, whichever comes first

Professional after-sales staff to provide services for you
3.8 Ton Counterbalanced Diesel Forklift Truck Engine3.8 Ton Counterbalanced Diesel Forklift Truck Engine3.8 Ton Counterbalanced Diesel Forklift Truck Engine


Simple and Easy to Use

Adopting the design of streamlined surface modeling, and line fluency, having a stronger visual impact.

Open control console, spacious and comfortable

The classic horizontal arrangement of the joystick puts everything at your fingertips

Wide View

The whole series of the wide visual field mast updates greatly improves the driver's front visual field and improves driving safety.

Fence-style overhead guard for a wide view on the top

Both the substantially increased foot space and the adopted large circular arc-shaped front leg of overhead guard widen the driving space.

The panoramic rearview mirror is adopted to provide a wider rear view field and make driving safer.

The operation is convenient and the safety of the operation is also improved

Reliable and Durable

The iron air cleaner increases the air intake, provides more power, and greatly increases the service life

The die-cast integral type steering axleis adopted, the bearing at the main shaft is made of a large-sized tapered bearing, and the buffer block is installed at the position contacted to the vehicle body, which greatly improves the reliability of the steering axle.


The extended wheelbase design greatly improves the stability of the vehicle.

LED lamps are used in the whole vehicle to improve the performance and service life of lamps and save more energy and power.

The wiring harness connector adopts a waterproof design and multi-way fuse layout to improve the safety and stability of the circuit system, and the vehicle can adapt to all-day weather operation.

Convenient Maintenance

The hood has a large opening angle, the left and right side panels of the hood are easy to disassemble, and the maintenance is convenientso that you can feel comfortable