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R&D Center

Ensign Heavy Industries continues to build core capabilities, establishes a "Qingdao + Weifang" two-in-one product R&D and application project, and has a "Shandong Enterprise Technology Center". Currently, there are more than 200 R&D personnel for construction machinery, agricultural equipment and industrial vehicles. The product modules of the company are engaged in the research and development of core technologies.

Ensign has advanced test facilities such as an advanced comprehensive test field, a hydraulic electronic control test platform, a fatigue test platform for structural parts, a performance parameter analyzer and other high-end test facilities to meet the needs of product development, and testing. Provides strong support for the implementation of each module project. It also uses technological methods such as complete machine simulation data collection and optimization analysis, stress and strain data collection and analysis, combined with complete machine dynamic evaluation and endurance tests to fully guarantee the comfort and reliability of the complete machine.

The whole machine strengthens the bumpy runway
Carry out reliability tests and intensified experiments according to project requirements to ensure the quality of each loader that goes to the market

Bumpy track used for machine strengthening
It has a comprehensive performance test area, a variety of material shovel loading test area, a heavy load material lifting test area, a heat balance comprehensive test area, a super high slope climbing test area, etc., to ensure that the product is reliable, durable, and trustworthy

Data analysis

Using the whole machine simulation data collection and optimization analysis, stress and strain data collection and analysis, etc., to fully guarantee the comfort and reliability of the whole machine

R & D Capabilities

Ensign Heavy Industries draws on the international construction machinery creation process and uses PMP project management as a means to establish a complete R&D system. And through standardization, modularization, standardization, and systemization to promote the establishment of product platforms, realize technology sharing, reduce technical risks, and improve product performance. By means and methods such as project classification, plan management, project sequencing, and resource allocation, we can ensure the smooth progress of the product development process and improve output efficiency.

Technical cooperation

The company pursues the line of "industry, study, and research" integration, and has established various forms of cooperation and synergy with Hefei University of Technology, Qilu University of Technology, Shandong Jiaotong University and other higher education institutions and research institutes, and jointly in many fields Carried out research and development projects.