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President Chen Zhi of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and his party visited the company

President Chen Zhi of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and his party visited the company

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  On the morning of March 11, 2023, President Chen Zhi of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association visited the company with a delegation of the association, accompanied by Chairman Li Shiyong, President Li Yanxuan, General Manager Chen Minge of Agricultural Equipment Division of Ensign Heavy Industry and relevant leaders of Ensign Holdings Group.

       The association delegation went deep into the production workshop and understood the product production operation process in detail, focusing on the key processes of the company such as painting production line, chassis and final assembly production line. In the exchange session after the visit, both sides had in-depth discussions and exchanges on topics such as the development of agricultural equipment industry, analysis of industry situation and Ensign agricultural equipment follow-up development planning.
Chairman Li Shiyong expressed his warm welcome to President Chen Zhi and his party, and expressed his thanks to the association for paying attention to and supporting the development of Ensign Agricultural Equipment, and also expressed the product positioning and development positioning of Ensign Holdings Group in Ensign Agricultural Equipment segment, and expressed his confidence in the future of Ensign Agricultural Equipment, and will continue to increase investment and strive to make the Agricultural Equipment segment a first-line brand in the industry. President Chen concluded that he was very shocked by the visit to Ensign, the factory was very luxurious, the production equipment was advanced and the manufacturing process was leading. At the same time, he praised the investment of Ensign Holdings Group in Ensign's agricultural equipment segment and the sensitivity of new technology, which can surely bring all-round support to the growth of Ensign's agricultural equipment and make it grow rapidly.

      Under the good market opportunity that the country attaches unprecedented importance to agricultural equipment, Ensign Agricultural Equipment will follow the development of national industrial strategy, further innovate and research, and make further efforts to realize the leapfrog development of agricultural mechanization and promote the revitalization of the countryside with its strength under the guidance of market and user demand.