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Agricultural Equipment Division 2022 Winter Team Development Activities

Agricultural Equipment Division 2022 Winter Team Development Activities

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With the successful completion of the production and marketing work before the switchover of National IV, the production work of the Agricultural Division came to a short end. In order to relieve the pressure of the early tension, improve team cohesion, boost staff morale, make staff have a better mental outlook and work efficiency, and put into the mass production of the upcoming National IV models with full enthusiasm, the Agricultural Division held a winter team development activity on December 9, 2022, with the theme of "Cohesion and Strength, Forging Ahead". A total of 132 leaders and employees from the Agricultural Division participated in this activity.





Cui Jinyong, General Manager Assistant of Agricultural Equipment Division, presided over this activity and read out the process and notes of this activity to everyone.



Mr. Chen Minge, general manager of Agricultural Division, made a mobilization speech before the activity. Mr. Chen affirmed the efforts and achievements of all of us in the early stage, and expressed his congratulations and thanks for the common achievements. Taking the opportunity of this activity, Mr. Chen hoped that everyone would continue to carry forward the Ensign spirit of "self-improvement and pursuit of excellence", actively participate in the activity, and continue to shine in their respective work positions in the future. At the same time, he wished everyone could relax and have a good time in the activity! With the command of Mr. Chen, the fleet slowly drove out of the factory in an orderly manner.



The activity is located at the foot of Fang Mountain in Changle County, the activity has set up several projects with purpose and level, so that the employees can experience the importance of teamwork and trust: in the climbing for treasure, you compete with me, we help each other to collectively climb the mountain top to enjoy the beautiful scenery; in the happy beat, we try to keep up with the rhythm of the team; in the heart-hand connection, the employees trust each other and actively collaborate to complete the task; in the sit-up, the team The power of collaboration is fully demonstrated in the sit-up; the directional guidance of the commander, the efficient execution of the members and the teamwork are tested in the collaborative operation ...... driven by the instructors, everyone enjoys the whole activity, sweats and laughs continuously, practicing Ensign's core values of "integrity - openness - innovation - win-win". This is the core value of Ensign Heavy Industries "Integrity-Openness-Innovation-Win-Win", and also creates a good atmosphere for the activity. In between the activities, the leaders also distributed warm milk tea for the employees and mingled with them.



This group building activity not only improves the cohesion of the Agricultural Division, but also enhances the morale of employees who are energetic and shoulder the corporate responsibility. With a long road ahead, let's do our best, let's shine in our respective jobs with a more positive attitude and dedicate ourselves to the development and growth of the Agricultural Division!