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Ensign Heavy Industry successfully held the first launch event of hybrid loader in the industry

Ensign Heavy Industry successfully held the first launch event of hybrid loader in the industry

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On December 12, Ensign Heavy Industry Hybrid Loader Industry Premiere Ceremony was successfully held. Wang Jinhua, General Manager of Ensign Heavy Industry, Xue Jie, Vice General Manager of Loader Division, General Manager of Marketing Company and leaders of relevant departments attended the ceremony together with Peng Huanzhang, General Manager of Hubei distributor Yongrunda Construction Machinery Co. image. And the first hybrid loader was delivered to Mr. Xu of Hubei Xianning Quarry for use.
























During the ceremony, General Manager Wang Jinhua pointed out that Ensign actively explores the emerging needs of the market, formally puts forward the new energy research and development concept of "new energy scenario solution + intelligent application ecology construction", deeply cultivates the application of electrification, informatization, intelligence and unmanned technology, continuously empowers the new energy products, and devotes to build the first brand in the new energy We are committed to building the first brand in the field of new energy. The industry premiere of the new hybrid loader is the core member of Ensign Heavy Industry's new energy products, representing Ensign Heavy Industry's technological leadership in new energy construction machinery, and will continue to lead the industry into a new round of power revolution, which will also bring real intelligent experience and value experience to users of construction machinery.


Vice General Manager Xue Jie said, new energy is the ultimate solution for construction machinery, Ensign Heavy Industry is forward-looking market, clear new energy diversified technology route, in-depth layout. YX670HEV has core change intelligent technology and new machine shape, which collects the excellent performance of fuel products and electric products, filling the short board of fuel loader and electric loader working condition adaptability, especially in areas with high oil price, difficult electricity and Especially in the working condition area with high oil price, difficult to use electricity and high pressure of environmental protection policy. Compared with ordinary fuel loaders, hybrid loaders through the application of oil-to-electric technology, significantly improve the energy conversion rate, with the advantage of high fuel economy, significantly reduce the cost of use of the product. More critically, the hybrid loader is a new energy product that meets the requirements of the national environmental protection policy and is an upgrade and alternative to the traditional fuel loader. Compared with electric loaders, the advantages of hybrid loaders are mainly reflected in the following three aspects: first, effectively reduce the acquisition cost of equipment, the second is to solve the problem of electric loaders range, hybrid loaders and fuel loaders, as long as there is oil can be unlimited range; third, hybrid loaders are not subject to charging piles, three-phase power and other supporting facilities restrictions, the applicability of the working conditions are more extensive.


Xu Feng, deputy director of Loader Technology Center, said that since the product project in 17 years, after market research, communication and demonstration of scientific research institutions, how to break through the technical barriers of new energy in the field of construction machinery and obtain the favor of customers, Ensign Heavy Industries has gone through a lot of exploration, with the industry's first range time, excellent handling performance, driving experience, new energy electric loader has been praised by industry users and is far ahead in the first echelon of construction machinery.



At the same time, for the suburban operation area with incomplete electric power infrastructure, YX670HEV, in terms of technical route, based on the P2 technical route of tandem hybrid power transmission route, realizes a high level of platforming with new energy pure electric, with the running motor placed before the transmission, and the fuel saving rate is above 35%. In terms of machine configuration, Ensign Heavy Industries has developed high efficiency power unit with Yuchai, National IV emission engine, fully automatic fixed shaft two-speed gearbox, double pump hydraulic system, dry drive axle, Ensign new generation luxury cab, standard air suspension seat and other super high configuration, and work device apparatus can be customized with customer's working conditions.


The debut of YX670HEV hybrid loader not only attracted the attention of the industry and the market, but also was favored by customers. At the scene, Mr. Xu, the president of the quarry plant, immediately ordered this hybrid loader. Mr. Xu said that he had always trusted Ensign's quality, and the premiere ceremony of Ensign's hybrid loader showed him Ensign's R&D strength and product strength again.

The debut of Ensign Heavy Industries' hybrid loader not only lays the foundation for the comprehensive listing of hybrid loader, but also delivers a satisfactory answer sheet to the development of new energy equipment in the industry, standing again at the forefront of the development of dual carbon strategy in the industry, and demonstrating the scientific research strength of the enterprise in new energy products. Ensign Heavy Industries will continue to lead the industry in the progress and development of hybrid technology with the industry posture of "new energy loader leader", and contribute to the green and sustainable development of the industry.