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Ensign Group's Women's Day Activities Held Successfully

Ensign Group's Women's Day Activities Held Successfully

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Fearless Years, Dare to Make a Splash│Ensign Group's Women's Day Activities Held Successfully

The glory adds new glory, and women's flowers become more red. With the breeze in March, the "March 8" International Women's Day of the new year is coming on schedule. In order to celebrate "March 8" International Women's Day and reflect the company's care and attention to female employees, Ensign Group organized the theme activity of "Fearless Age - Dare to Make a Splash", and the leaders of each department of the company sent holiday blessings and surprises to each female employee.

In the development of the company, female employees have always been an indispensable part, and they contribute "her power" in different positions to help Ensign's development together. Today's activity expresses the company's care for them on this special day, and is also a tribute to every female employee who has made contributions in Ensign. The female employees who received the gifts said that they were both surprised and touched by the form of gifts and blessings from the company leaders, and they will continue to work hard to improve themselves and put into their future work with full enthusiasm.
Here, we wish every Ensign "goddess", confident, persevering, positive, hardworking, dreaming, pursuing, bravely meeting every challenge and creating new splendor of their own!