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Ensign Heavy Industries Shows at Bauma China 2012

Ensign Heavy Industries Shows at Bauma China 2012

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Ensign Heavy Industries Shows at Bauma China 2012

At Bauma China 2012 held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on Nov. 27th, 2012, lots of construction machinery manufacturers displayed in succession their new products and made public new measures. However, the most astonishing thing was the sharp rising of a new brand - Ensign Heavy Industries.

On the afternoon of Nov. 27, 2012, E2 exhibition hall of Bauma China 2012 was packed with people, and insiders and customers from all over the world halted their steps at the orange ENSIGN Exhibition Hall, where Ensign Heavy Industries Press Conference was ceremoniously held.

Su Zimeng, Secretary-general of China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA), attended and addressed the press conference of Ensign Heavy Industries, and extended his congratulations and gave high recognition to Ensign Heavy Industries’ fast-rate development. Secretary-general Su hoped that Ensign Heavy Industries could jostle into the top in China construction machinery industry ASAP.

Other association leaders like ShangHaibo, Secretary-general of CCMA Earthmoving Machinery Association, and Liu Jiuqing, Chairman of CCMA Engineering Transport Machinery Association etc., also attended the press conference and spoke highly of Ensign Heavy Industries’ booming tendency.