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Ensign Heavy Industry 2023 Annual Business Meeting was successfully held

Ensign Heavy Industry 2023 Annual Business Meeting was successfully held

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Strengthen the goal

Elevated Development

Winning Terminal

Ensign Heavy Industry 2023 Annual Business Meeting was successfully held


 On December 28th, Ensign Heavy Industries Loader Division held the 2023 Annual Business Meeting with the theme of "Strengthen the target, upgrade the development, and win the terminal", Li Shiyong, Chairman of Ensign Holdings Group, Wang Jinhua, General Manager of Ensign Heavy Industries, Liu Xubo, Operation Director of Ensign Holdings Group, Zhang Ming, Director of Financial Business Department of Ensign Holdings Group, Xue Jie, Vice General Manager of Loader Division and General Manager of Marketing Company, and the leadership team of the Division attended the online meeting. Vice General Manager of Business Division, General Manager of Marketing Company Xue Jie and the leadership team of the Business Division attended this online meeting, and gathered with the representatives of dealers from all over the country in the cloud to share the grand event. 167 people attended this meeting in total.

The meeting summarized the gains and losses of 2022 in an all-round way, clarified the work direction and goals for 2023, completed the key work deployment from marketing, products and finance, and commended the dealers with excellent performance in 2022. The meeting was chaired by Xue Jie, general manager of the marketing company.


Integrated layout

Target Breakthrough



At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Li Shiyong delivered a speech. He pointed out that Ensign Heavy Industry insists on technology research and development, optimizes business management, provides dealers and customers with rich and reliable products, flexible and effective business support, and leverages new energy products to further enhance the brand influence and form a good brand influence in the regional market. In the coming 2023, we will accelerate the pace of development, take new energy as the breakthrough point, innovate marketing mode, improve marketing capability, adjust around model innovation, customer structure and sales structure, build our own capacity around sales capability, service capability and credit management capability, and act fast to achieve breakthrough and ascending development of business goals.


Product upgrade


Products are the foundation, and Yan Yunqiao, deputy general manager of the loader division, made a relevant introduction to Ensign products. He said that in 2022, the company increased investment in research and development, strengthened cooperation with experts and schools, deepened the development of new energy, Ensign loader after many rounds of technical innovation, new energy products have planned 11 models, including pure electric and hybrid models, of which pure electric has formed a series, hybrid models have completed 6 tons models off the line. 2023 Ensign Heavy Industries reasonable layout of product portfolio, steady grasp of product quality In 2023, Ensign Heavy Industry will lay out the product portfolio rationally, pay attention to product quality, focus on new energy and differentiated product portfolio, take double carbon policy as a springboard, and continue to promote product upgrade.

Policy Support

Focus on advantages


Zhang Ming, Director of Financial Business Department of Ensign Holdings Group, said that due to the epidemic, the downward pressure of the economy, the production and operation of enterprises are facing different degrees of difficulties, especially the huge challenge to the stock market of loaders, Ensign Heavy Industries will increase the financial policy support in 2023 to provide dealers and customers with flexible and competitive favorable policies to ensure the healthy, sustainable and stable development of business.

Comprehensive Deployment

Key Initiatives



Then, Mr. Xue summarized the market operation of this year, and made a detailed introduction and comprehensive deployment of the target design and strategy planning for 2023. He pointed out that under the influence of factors such as recurring epidemic and downward pressure of economy, market demand suffered constraints and was in a downward trend, and the loader market faced many challenges such as structural changes of products, regions and industry working conditions. Ensign loader breaks through against the trend, strengthens its advantages, continuously improves Ensign's regional coverage and creates differentiated products in the market.

Ensign has invested in the development of high-quality channels, improved channel management capacity, and flexibly responded to market competition; optimized product portfolio, deeply explored customers' differentiated needs, and empowered new energy products; comprehensively strengthened service capacity construction, enhanced direct service team construction, and promoted service transformation and upgrading. Relying on channel operation, credit management, service capacity building, marketing communication, market research and other key strategies, we strive to achieve a doubling of sales share in 2023.

Upgrading Development

Winning Terminal 



Finally, General Manager Wang Jinhua made a report on the theme of "Strengthening Target, Upgrading Development and Winning Terminal", reviewing the operation of each value chain of loader business in 2022, analyzing the competitive market situation in 2023 and making a clear and definite plan for the development of loader business of Ensign Heavy Industries. He emphasized that the current stable and sustainable development environment of construction machinery industry remains unchanged, and the new energy construction machinery is still in the period of opportunity growth with huge market potential. Ensign Heavy Industries will deepen the layout of loader products, create multiple product technology routes such as national four, pure electric second generation, hybrid, and differentiation to achieve the leading edge of new energy technology, build professional marketing team around marketing and channel ascension development, cultivate the competitive ability of agents, strengthen channels, enhance capacity, and promote the business to a new level.



The success of this annual business meeting is a microcosm of Ensign Heavy Industries' insistence on independent innovation, rational layout, optimization of product portfolio and accelerating the landing of high-quality development. Ensign Heavy Industries will join hands with the partners of the whole industry chain, move forward courageously, promote the high-quality development of the new energy field in the construction machinery industry, and continue to climb to new heights of high-quality development.