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Ensign Heavy Industry Annual Business Meeting 2023 was held successfully

Ensign Heavy Industry Annual Business Meeting 2023 was held successfully

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New Journey, New Departure, New Transcendence

Ensign Heavy Industry Annual Business Meeting 2023 was held successfully

On December 26, 2022, with the theme of "New Journey, New Departure, New Transcendence", the 2023 Annual Business Meeting of Forklift Division of Ensign Heavy Industries kicked off in Ensign Heavy Industries Industrial Base. Affected by the epidemic, this annual business meeting was carried out by means of cloud conference.

Li Shiyong, Chairman of Ensign Holdings Group, Wang Jinhua, General Manager of Ensign Heavy Industries, Dai Jicai, General Manager of Ensign Forklift Division and General Manager of Marketing Company, Han Cunguo, Deputy General Manager of Ensign Forklift Division, leaders of the Division and dealers from all over the country gathered in the cloud to summarize the work of 2022, share business achievements, discuss development plans and create a new situation of win-win cooperation together.

The meeting summarized the work of forklift in 2022, made in-depth elaboration on business strategies around products, production, finance and service, and arranged and deployed the work priorities in 2023. The meeting was hosted by Li Yankui, the director of sales management department of Forklift Marketing Company, and commended the excellent dealers in 2022.


Strong Change

Precise Layout

Exploring the future of Ensign forklift together

On the meeting, Mr. Li Shiyong, Chairman of Ensign Holdings Group, delivered a speech. Li Shiyong fully affirmed the efforts and achievements made by the forklift division in this year and made an important plan on the new blueprint of Ensign forklift's future development. He emphasized that: we should keep accumulating strength and consolidating foundation, and the quality of products is the best guarantee for an enterprise to do well in the market; insist on quality throughout the development road of Ensign forklift, make products solidly and review the situation to make the market. Only by grasping the fundamentals of quality and service can we win customers and cope with the ever-changing market, and go farther.


Since 2022, the international environment has become increasingly complex and severe, and the forklift market and the logistics industry are facing many pressures, multiple factors have put the forklift industry in a difficult situation, and host factories, industrial chain, channels and customers are also facing many challenges. Under the overall downturn of the industry, Ensign Forklift, with the support and leadership of the Group, has bucked the trend and courageously made changes to continuously improve and strongly empower itself in four aspects: order mode, manufacturing capacity, supply chain capacity building and process quality improvement.


Strong Technology

Focus on innovation

Active empowerment shows strength

In recent years, under the strategic decision of "carbon peak, carbon neutral", market demand and technology development, new energy industrial vehicles are developing rapidly and the application ratio of electric forklifts is gradually rising.


In the explanation of new products and 2023 development plan of Ensign Forklift, Lu Wenwen, director of Forklift Technology Center, said that facing the energy transformation, Ensign Forklift will accelerate the pace of innovation, continue the products to promote high-quality development, make full use of the rapid development of new energy industry in recent years, develop new energy trams with high cost performance and market competitiveness, and now form 1-10 tons internal combustion forklift, 0.75-3 tons battery Forklifts, handlers and stackers, including K, H and G full series and multi-variety product structure. At the same time, Ensign forklifts are redefined in terms of power matching, system tuning, ergonomics, high efficiency and energy saving, safety strategy, etc. to reflect the reliability, applicability, comfort and energy saving of the products in all aspects.


Product quality, for China's industrial vehicle industry, is a topic that can never be detoured. In the meeting, Cao Mingyang, the quality management minister of Ensign Forklift, especially emphasized that product quality is the life and soul of an enterprise, and in the face of the rising customer demand, it is especially important to guarantee product quality while catching up with the delivery date. Relying on the resource advantages of the group, Ensign Forklift takes the market as the guide to speed up the quality response and improvement, linking all departments to quickly solve the market problems and promote the product upgrade. By implementing quality penetration action, covering the whole process of product realization, Ensign promotes quality control and improvement comprehensively to provide customers with quality products.



After that, Dai Jicai, general manager of Ensign Forklift Division and general manager of marketing company, summarized and analyzed the development of forklift industry in 2022, and made a comprehensive deployment of business development direction and product strategy in 2023. The achievements made by Ensign Forklift in 2022 are gratifying, but there are also some shortcomings. In order to effectively meet the needs of customers and win 2023 with forward-looking strategy, efficient execution and excellent marketing, we will win customers, win competition and win the market. Ensign forklift will continuously improve its product advantages and market advantages through marketing service, product creation, commodity manufacturing, management change and other strategic implementation paths, and strive to achieve a doubling of sales share in 2023.


Create good results

Coronation for partners

Looking back, Ensign Forklift continued to break through in the market and break through against the trend, and delivered a satisfactory answer sheet for 2022, and the achievements could not be achieved without the support of the dealers. At the meeting, the excellent dealers of 2022 were especially commended and rewarded, and the representatives of dealers shared their experience on the past achievements to provide more partners with the way to break the market dilemma!


At the end of the meeting, Wang Jinhua, general manager of Ensign Heavy Industries, made a summary of the market situation, saying that with the gradual opening of the epidemic, the domestic and international market economy will usher in steady growth, and various industries will also usher in a new situation of high-speed development. In the face of escalating customer demand and intensifying brand competition, Ensign Heavy Industries will follow the development trend, continuously improve the company's product line internally on the basis of the terminal market from the four aspects of brand force landing, customer force conversion, service force improvement and strengthening the dealer team force as a grip, continuously create value for customers and provide a new path for high quality market growth.


The sincere cooperation in the past will make the future progress hand in hand! Facing the complex market environment and high-quality development requirements in the future, Ensign Heavy Industries will take a new posture, continue to take the market as the guide, focus on customer needs, deepen product transformation, and implement value marketing, with full enthusiasm and tenacious will, continue to march towards a new journey of high-quality development.