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Ensign Holdings Group Talent Project Foundation was officially established

Ensign Holdings Group Talent Project Foundation was officially established

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Practice Public Welfare

Building the Chinese Dream

Ensign Holdings Group Talent Project Foundation was officially established


Ltd. signed a donation agreement with Changle County Charity Federation and Changle County Bureau of Education and Sports. The establishment of the project fund aims to pass on positive social energy and build the Chinese dream of public welfare through the implementation of public welfare projects. Ensign users to buy Ensign tractors that do charity, Ensign Group that donate to the "Excellence Project Fund" for long-term help and care, this public welfare fund for the vigorous cultivation of young talent, with love for the country's young people to build a dream forward, light up a new journey in life.


As a world-renowned citric acid producer, the largest high-end alcohol producer and the backbone of domestic equipment manufacturing industry, Ensign Holdings Group, while creating economic benefits, actively responds to the national call for precise poverty alleviation, fulfills the corporate mission of leading the needs of customers, navigating the ideals of employees and undertaking social responsibilities, never forgetting its original intention and continuously transmits Ensign's "positive energy" with practical actions.

In early 2020, Ensign went to the front line of epidemic fighting and sent batches of disinfecting alcohol, fresh vegetables and living materials to Wuhan, helping Wuhan with practical actions to fight the epidemic together. In April 2022, Ensign donated 75° disinfecting alcohol to Changle CDC to support the epidemic prevention and control work. Civilized Driving Safety Walk, Love Wheelchair Donation, Love Donation, Volunteer Snow Removal ...... set out with heart again and again, and Ensign's social influence has been expanding, which has drawn wide attention from the industry field as well as the community.

The people's will becomes the city, and let love pass. Ensign Project Fund makes full use of Ensign's industrial advantages and its nationwide service network of suppliers, distributors and users to promote industrial public welfare through the development of a series of precise poverty alleviation activities. "On the basis of establishing a perfect organization, organization constitution and financial management system to ensure the legal, orderly and transparent work of the organization, the Foundation will develop a systematic and perfect corporate public welfare strategy and seek innovation and breakthrough in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Ensign Holdings Group, as a national enterprise, does not forget to give back to the society, gives full play to the advantages of industrial resources in public welfare work, puts equal emphasis on 'blood transfusion' and 'blood creation', and continues to make efforts in public welfare undertakings. Ensign firmly believes that if the motherland's economy is prosperous and the society develops harmoniously and happily, the enterprise can set foot on a new stage and light up a new journey of development!