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Ensign farming outfit marching ceremony completed successfully

Ensign farming outfit marching ceremony completed successfully

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Keeping an eye on the target

Tightly grasp the implementation

Firm implementation

Ensign farming outfit marching ceremony completed successfully



A hundred refinements into steel

 Showing off the sharpness

Winning the goal 

Living up to expectations

The golden tiger rides the wind, the jade rabbit holds the blessing to come, the wind is full of sail, the new year to seek a new chapter.

On the morning of January 30, "Keeping an eye on the target, grasping the implementation and firm execution" - the marching ceremony of Ensign Agricultural Equipment Division was grandly held in Ensign Heavy Industry Base. President Li Yanxuan of Ensign Holdings Group, General Manager Chen Minge of Agricultural Equipment Division, Operation Director Liu Xubo of Ensign Holdings Group, President Assistant Ji Longkun of Ensign Holdings Group, leaders of relevant departments of Agricultural Equipment Division, and all soldiers of the marketing company attended the ceremony, and the soldiers were full of pride and ready to go, and were determined to win the marketing battle in 2023!


At the beginning of the activity, Chen Minge, general manager of Ensign Agricultural Division, made the work deployment for 2023 and carried out an inspiring flag ceremony, he said that in 2022, Ensign Agricultural Division faced multiple pressures and rose to the challenge, Ensign products achieved counter-trend growth in annual sales and made a milestone breakthrough, which contributed to the improvement of the company's overall efficiency. In 2023, all soldiers should further strengthen their confidence, and with full enthusiasm, high morale and solid style, strive to expand market influence and share to ensure a greater breakthrough!


Products are king, and the success of marketing is inseparable from the strong support of logistics and production. On behalf of the team, Yu Huanlong, General Manager Assistant of Agricultural Division, made a commitment to closely focus on the requirements of the core work of service marketing, the production and manufacturing center will keep up with the rhythm of the market from product design, manufacturing, parts procurement, quality control, logistics and shipping, after-sales service, etc., respond quickly to provide competitive products and services for the soldiers in the front, and provide strong support for the soldiers in the front to fully realize A new leap in production in 2023.


In the presence of all the participants, Cui Jinyong, general manager of the marketing company, led all the soldiers to make a team oath, "I swear to keep an eye on the goal, pay close attention to the implementation, and firmly implement ......". The oath was powerful, showing the unrelenting courage and determination of Ensign's agricultural marketing warriors, and the marketing soldiers seized the opportunity to achieve a comprehensive multiplication of sales, a decisive victory, and a new glory!


At the end of the meeting, President Li Yanxuan of Ensign Holdings Group delivered a speech and made a mobilization speech. In his speech, he firstly gave full to the excellent achievements made by Ensign Agriculture in 2022 and put forward higher requirements for the future development. He pointed out that in 2023 Ensign will deepen the reform comprehensively, keep an eye on the marketing target, continuously strengthen the market and customer-oriented operation consciousness, insist that all work results are based on whether customers are satisfied or not, and continuously promote the business operation.


Set sail from the oar, not to miss the time brave forward. With the general manager of the agricultural division Chen Minge gave an order - departure, applause thunderous send off, market managers and loaded Ensign tractor trailer to go to the national market, open 2023 market development of a new journey.

Excel and start a new journey, and act diligently to the future. The ceremony was held to beat the war drum of Ensign's agricultural marketing soldiers and sound the clarion call of marching. Facing the new task target, it is pressure and motivation to fight. It is believed that in the new year, Ensign agricultural clothing will be based on the industry, and will not be slack, fully carry forward the Ensign spirit of overcoming difficulties, firmly take the road of high quality development, continue to write a chapter and create new glories!