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Gathering Strength and Hand in Hand to the Future

Gathering Strength and Hand in Hand to the Future

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Gathering Strength and Hand in Hand to the Future

On January 4, the 2023 Annual Business Meeting of Ensign Heavy Industry Agricultural Equipment Division Dealers was held in Weifang, Shandong Province. Li Shiyong, Chairman of Ensign Holdings Group, Li Yanxuan, President of Ensign Holdings Group, Liu Xubo, Operation Director of Ensign Holdings Group, Chen Minge, General Manager of Ensign Heavy Industry Agricultural Equipment Division, as well as the leaders and management team of the Division, gathered together with representatives of agents from all over the country to summarize the achievements made in the past year and discuss the new future of agricultural equipment development. The meeting was hosted by Ding Tianpei, the assistant general manager of the marketing company of Agricultural Equipment Division.


Gathering wisdom and planning far ahead

Moving forward with courage

At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr. Li Shiyong, Chairman of Ensign Holdings Group, delivered a welcome speech. In his speech, he firstly gave full affirmation to Ensign's achievements in this year and put forward higher requirements for the future development. In the extraordinary year of 2022, the domestic agricultural machinery industry is still in a period of deep adjustment, with opportunities and challenges, Ensign Heavy Industry deepens the reform comprehensively and makes efforts to accelerate the business development. Continuously focus on products, focus on key markets and channels, innovate marketing model, integrate corporate strategy into national strategy, promote national four upgrade, make every effort to create a win-win ecology of customer value, and strive to become the most reliable and trustworthy partner of customers.

Ensign tractor since its inception, through years of deep plowing and development, the market influence continues to expand, won a good customer reputation, sales have grown year after year, has become the head of some regions to promote the brand. With the successful launch of corn harvester, Ensign Agricultural Machinery has entered the stage of multi-business development and opened the prelude of Ensign Agricultural Machinery's whole industrial chain development layout. In the future, Ensign Heavy Industries will gradually launch comprehensive research and development of grain mechanization, provide users with a full set of solutions, comprehensively improve product competitiveness and business operation capacity, and promote the company's development to a new level!


The wind is strong in the journey of 10,000 miles, and the heavy responsibility is to work hard again. Chen Minge, General Manager of Ensign Heavy Industry Agricultural Equipment Division, made a "Report on Agricultural Equipment Business Operation", which reviewed the development of agricultural machinery industry in 2022, the operation effectiveness of Ensign Agricultural Equipment, the prediction of market situation in 2023, and the ideas and important initiatives of Ensign Agricultural Equipment Marketing Work, etc., and made an in-depth analysis, and further clarified the power point and support point of marketing work in 2023. Here, he clearly pointed out the business development target in 2023, and put forward the specific measures and implementation plan of constantly widening the product line with reliable quality and finely crafted products, taking the gradually strengthened brand influence as the grip, and building Ensign's service brand and channel competitiveness as the core strategy to continuously improve Ensign's product market competitiveness, product share and channel regional competitiveness, etc.

Excellent Quality 

Strength Piloting

Ensign Heavy Industry actively responds to the national "double carbon" strategy, and has launched and delivered National IV tractors and National IV corn harvesters, helping users to reduce costs, green transformation, and accelerating agricultural equipment into a new era of green development.


At the meeting, Cui Yuxin, director of technical center of Ensign Agricultural Division, pointed out in the report of Ensign tractor product planning that Ensign products have been developed from scratch, from a single platform to the existing National IV product planning of 9 platforms, 50 models, power covering 50-260 horsepower, and has made great strides towards the domestic first-line brands. The new series of national four products come off the line, more reliable quality, more powerful power, more intelligent control, more comfortable ride, creating greater economic benefits for customers. In the future, Ensign tractors will build and complete 15 platforms, 83 models, technical route covering mechanical shift, stepless transmission, power shift, power covering 50-360 horsepower product portfolio, so that Ensign agricultural equipment family products more rich, to provide users with more excellent performance and function of the product resources.


In recent years, Ensign Agricultural Equipment has deeply promoted the "expansion of agricultural equipment product line", taking technology and products as the base point, focusing on market and service innovation, focusing on corn mechanization and intelligent operating system, and now has formed the advantage of four types of eight full mechanization product combinations, and Guo Sichang, deputy general manager of Ensign Agricultural Equipment Division, pointed out in Ensign's corn machine product In the planning report, it is pointed out that in the future, Ensign Heavy Industries will use three years' time to realize the comprehensive coverage of corn harvesters in peeling and picking sticks, cob and stalk harvesting, fresh corn, seed harvesting and silage machines, and to build the whole industrial chain of domestic high-end corn harvesters. Facing the challenges of the new development stage, Guo Sichang said that he will firmly set clear goals, focus on customer needs, base on products and services, create differentiated competitive advantages, and continue to provide users with a total solution for the whole industrial chain of corn intelligence.


Carry on the past and open up the future. At the meeting, Cui Jinyong, general manager of Ensign Agricultural Equipment Marketing Company, made a marketing report for 2023. The report closely focused on the direction guidance of the 20th National Congress, combined with the current actual situation and future development plan of Ensign Agricultural Equipment, deeply analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by the current internal and external markets and agricultural equipment, and made a new analysis of the development direction and strategy of Ensign Agricultural Equipment in 2023 from the aspects of channels, product power, service support and brand promotion. Facing the gradual opening of the epidemic, the domestic market economy will usher in steady growth, and various industries will also usher in a new situation of high-speed development. For this reason, Ensign Heavy Industries will accelerate the pace of innovation, actively explore new marketing model, promote Ensign's high-quality development with forward-looking strategy, efficient execution and excellent marketing, win the market, win customers and win the future together.

Building Dreams with One Heart

Defend the honor together


Be grateful for the company all the way, and go forward together in the future. Ensign's rapid development cannot be separated from the joint efforts and hard work of the dealers. In this year, they follow the pace of the company's strategy, take practical action to create a new image of Ensign brand terminal, and write new medals in the market with performance and data. In the meeting, the dealers with outstanding performance in the past year were especially commended, and the representatives of the dealers shared their experience on the achievements made.


American automobile tycoon Henry Ford once said "A good business can provide products and services for customers, while a great business not only provides products and services for customers, but also does its best to make the world a better place." As the backbone of domestic agricultural equipment, Ensign Agricultural Equipment makes full use of its industrial advantages as well as its nationwide dealer and user service network to actively respond to the national call for precise poverty alleviation, fulfill its corporate mission - leading customer needs, navigating employee ideals, leading social responsibility, and promoting the development of industrial public welfare. In this meeting, the Excellence Project Fund initiated by Ensign Holdings Group was officially established to practice public welfare and build the Chinese dream!


All-out Efforts

Vow to create good results


Beating the drums of war and blowing the horn of progress. In the witness of all dealers, Ensign Heavy Industries' regional managers signed the military order of 2023 sales target on site. A paper instrument is a promise, confidence and vow! Facing the industry track in 2023, Ensign Heavy Industries will be well prepared to seize the opportunity, seize the first opportunity, and strive to write a magnificent chapter in 2023 with more enthusiasm and vigorous spirit to rise to the challenge and forge ahead!


During the meeting, two sessions were also held, in which the company leaders, group leaders, marketing staff, management staff of the headquarters and dealer partners discussed product sales strategies, channel targets, service expansion, brand promotion and other aspects, and put forward landing initiatives. Everyone expressed their opinions and suggestions, and planned the development of the enterprise together.

The delegates also went to the manufacturing workshop and test track to observe and taste the standardized, specialized and mechanized production process of Ensign's new National IV products, and fully felt the new experience brought by the upgraded product quality through the test drive of the whole machine.

It is the right time for us to excel, and we will start this day. With the rapid development of agricultural machinery industry, the future complex market environment and high-quality development requirements, Ensign Heavy Industries will work hand in hand with dealers, focus on customer needs, deepen product transformation, landing value marketing, with full enthusiasm and tenacious will, to create a more ambitious new market achievements of Ensign Heavy Industries, bring users a better car experience, and strive to become the most dazzling in the Chinese national agricultural machinery equipment. business card.