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Meeting with Suppliers about Quality and Order

Meeting with Suppliers about Quality and Order

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Meeting with Suppliers about Quality and Order

In order to better improve product quality and guarantee order delivery, and better implement the quality requirements of Agricultural Business Unit, the purchasing department organized a quality and order exchange meeting with the theme of "Quality makes the brand, and the brand makes the value". 44 key cooperative suppliers of casting parts, sheet metal parts, body systems, and transmission systems attended the meeting. The meeting invited ENSIGN Group CEO Mr. Li Yanxuan, Business Unit general manager Chen Minge, and key leaders of the Manufacturing Department and Sales & Marketing Department to attend the meeting and communicate with the suppliers. Communicate on issues in the first half of the year and arrangements for the second half of the year.

This meeting is divided into two parts: an on-site meeting on parts quality and an indoor exchange meeting. At the on-site meeting, Zhang Zhihuai, deputy head of the manufacturing department, communicated with each supplier on typical quality issues in the factory and market services in the first half of the year, and proposed subsequent rectification measures.

At the exchange meeting, first of all, Mr. Chen made an in-depth analysis of the overall market development and changes in user needs, and gave a detailed explanation of ENSIGN's agricultural equipment product layout planning. It put forward clear requirements on how to carry out work around the "zero defect" quality culture of the business unit, requiring manufacturers to be on the same channel and have a unified concept to improve the supplier system's ability to guarantee quality, cost, and orders.

Subsequently, assistant Ding Tianpei of the Sales & Marketing Department put forward clear requirements for product quality improvement and order guarantee based on market demand, and reported on the company's order plan arrangements for the second half of the year.

Yu Huanlong, assistant general manager of the business unit, made a detailed summary of the quality performance of parts and components in the first half of the year, elaborated on the company's next quality requirements and control measures, and shared the content of ENSIGN agricultural equipment quality culture with the participating suppliers, requiring the suppliers to work with the company to implement and promote product quality upgrades

Tian Tongtong, deputy head of the Purchasing Department, reported to everyone the completion of the work of the Purchasing Department in the first half of the year and the work plan for the second half of the year. The current problems were analyzed from the three core dimensions of quality, cost and delivery time. In the second half of the year, we will focus on promoting product development, quality control and improvement, cost optimization, and order delivery guarantee capabilities to enhance the physical competitiveness of our products.

Finally, Group CEO Mr. Li Yanxuan gave a detailed explanation of the development of ENSIGN Group to the participating suppliers. On behalf of the group company, he put forward higher requirements for the development of the agricultural equipment business and hoped that all suppliers would be highly consistent with the company and jointly promote and develop ENSIGN Agricultural Equipment.