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Successful conclusion of the production season activities of the Agricultural Division

Successful conclusion of the production season activities of the Agricultural Division

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In the afternoon of April 17, 2023, the Agricultural Division organized a summing-up meeting for the production season activities in 2023. General Manager Chen Minge of the Agricultural Division and more than 120 leaders and employees from various departments of the Division's operation, technology centre and manufacturing system attended the summing-up meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Yu Huanlong, assistant general manager of the Agricultural Division. The conference first listened to the work report of the manufacturing department. Assistant Yu Huanlong made a detailed summary from the aspects of production capacity, production warehousing, shipment of complete machines, as well as personnel and materials, equipment safety, etc. He made a profound analysis of the problems in the first quarter and made arrangements for the follow-up work in the peak season. He pointed out that the switchover from National III to National IV was a multi-faceted challenge to increase production and efficiency, and that the quality of the products should be improved together with the rapid delivery of National IV products to the market.
Zhang Zhihuai, deputy director of the manufacturing department, summarised the quality control situation in this activity and the requirements for follow-up quality. He said that quality is a matter of catching again and again, and only when the quality passes, the products will have a way out. Recently, there are more problems in the production process and market, and the subsequent production should strictly catch the quality, and the vehicles off the line and into the warehouse must be guaranteed to be qualified products.
Tian Tongtong, vice minister of the procurement department, summarized from the aspects of purchase orders, storage and distribution respectively. He pointed out that in the face of the switchover of National IV and the concentration of orders during the peak season, there are still many shortcomings in procurement in terms of supplier distribution, parts delivery and supply quality, and there is still much room for improvement in the follow-up.
Cui Yuxin, Director of the Technology Centre, reported on the development of new product resources and service support. He said that there were still many shortcomings in the service support of the Technology Centre, and that in view of the problems found during the peak season, the organisation would review and summarise them, form a warning document and formulate preventive measures to reduce or eliminate the recurrence of problems.
After the summaries of the departments, Cui Jinyong, Assistant General Manager of the Division, read out the "Decision on the Commendation of Advanced Individuals and Advanced Groups for the Production Season Activity of "Great Show, Great Achievements". Afterwards, a commendation ceremony was held for the advanced individuals and advanced groups emerging from the production season.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Chen Minge, General Manager of the Agricultural Division, made a final speech, in which Mr. Chen affirmed the efforts made by various links during the peak production season, and also evaluated the problems that existed. Mr. Chen stressed that production is not the first place, quality is the first place, we should firmly grasp the quality in our hands, if the quality is not good, we would rather stop the production, and the policy of quality first cannot be changed. Customer-oriented, do it right the first time, dare to deny, continuous improvement, products reflecting value is not just a slogan, but should be reflected in action. This peak season summary conference is not the end of production activities, but a new beginning, and we hope that the staff will take this conference as an opportunity to vigorously carry forward Ensign's enterprise spirit, be down-to-earth, and work hard to achieve the company's development strategy and this year's work tasks. Strive hard.